Why choose Baxter Lee Law Office?

Baxter has over 25 years experience in law, ranging from the general practice of law to being a Federal Prosecutor in Okotoks for 7 years. He has experience in criminal defence as well as insurance litigation. He prides himself in delivering first rate legal service in all areas of the law at the best possible price; superior service shouldn’t mean elevated costs.

We offer you more than just a typical law firm

Shareholder Agreements & Incorporations

If the company has more than one shareholder, then the shareholders and the company need to have a proper shareholders agreement. Disagreements between shareholders are inevitable. Also, major changes in the life of one or more shareholders may put success or future of the corporation at risk. A properly drafted unanimous shareholders agreement protects interests of all shareholders and the company by stipulating when and how a shareholder can be bought out, what happens if a shareholder dies or becomes critically ill, whether the shareholder’s life is covered by life insurance policy, whether shareholder’s employment by the company is contingent on being a shareholder, etc.

Purchases & Sales Of Small & Medium Businesses

The majority of business people do not buy and sell businesses on regular basis. It is a process that can be stressful and, without proper representation, risky. We recommend that you consult a lawyer knowledgeable in buying and selling of businesses early in the process. We listen to our clients’ preferences, advise them about all possible options in their particular circumstances (asset or share or hybrid transaction), guide them through the process, draft all necessary documents, including but not limited to, shares/asset purchase agreements, confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, bills of sales, etc. and negotiate the deal with a view to create value for our client and to make the deal happen.

Employment law

We draft, review and negotiate employment agreements for regular employees and executive employees. We advise business clients and draft internal company policies, including, but not limited to, confidentiality, use of company vehicles, use of computer equipment, access to internet from work computers, use of personal electronic devices at work, etc. We represent both employers and employees in disputes related to termination of employment.

Legal Support For Regulated Professionals & Trades

We advise regularly various professionals and trades on legal issues related to compliance with their regulatory statutes, compliance of their advertising with regulations specific to the client’s profession or trade, as well as compliance with Canadian Anti-Spam laws. Also, we advise clients on issues related to licensing for their specific business.

Commercial Leases

Once a business reaches a certain size, it needs its own space, whether it is an office, a store, a shop or a warehouse. Commercial leases tend to be long and technically worded documents. We recommend consulting a lawyer knowledgeable about commercial leases before your sign one. You may wish to read the article for the minimum items to check before signing a commercial lease. We review commercial leases and translate the technical terms into plain language for our clients, so that they understand fully their rights and obligations. We negotiate the terms of commercial leases. Also, we draft commercial leases for landlords.

Wills & Estates

If one believes that only senior people need to worry about making a will, that person is mistaken. Certain life changes are inevitable, however we do not know when they will happen. People with young children need to consider who will be the guardian of their minor children if both parents pass away. The guardian can be named in a will. People who own a business need to consider what will happen to it if the business owner gets sick for a prolonged period of time or passes away. We prepare individuals of all ages as well as business owners plan for the future. We prepare wills, enduring powers of attorney and personal directives.