David Vallance Lawyer

Baxter B. Lee would like to notify the clients of the Late David Vallance that the remaining files of Vallance and Co. including many original wills are held at the offices of Baxter Lee Law Office.

Mr. Vallance formerly practiced in the area of Family Law including:

  1. Mediation
  2. Divorce
  3. Separation agreements
  4. Litigation
  5. Various types of court applications

Mr. Vallance was also was active in his practice in the area of Wills and Estates including:

  1. Drafting wills
  2. Probate applications
  3. Applications for Letters of Administration

The old contact information for Vallance and Company, the law firm operated by David Vallance was as follows:

Vallance and Company (no longer in operation)
300 – 1122 4th Street SW,
Calgary, Alberta
T2R 1M1
Old Tel: (403) 264-3244 (please call 403-982-2610)
Old Fax: (403) 232-6750 (please fax 403-982-5048)

Please contact Baxter Lee Law Office for information regarding David Vallance and the Vallance and Company Calgary Family Law firm.