Our philosophy is to put our ethical practices to work for you. Our firm, serving Okotoks, Calgary and the surrounding Foothills area, is established on effort, excellence and the high regard we hold for our clients. Baxter is not just your lawyer; he is your advocate.

We will exercise understanding, respect and empathy in the consideration of your requirements, keeping your interests, and the interests of those you are accountable for, at the forefront when advising you.

If you require legal assistance you are quite likely going through a tough time. It can be an emotionally difficult time for you and your family. We will help you to make decisions based on information and fact to avoid choices motivated by emotion.

By thoroughly examining and evaluating your specific needs and requirements, we implement our legal strategies to protect your interests. It is imperative that you are informed of your rights and repercussions that your decisions will have on your future. That is why we are dedicated to providing the support and attention your case deserves.

At Baxter Lee Law Office, our goal is to give you the ability to make informed decisions – no matter what your legal need. We recognize that each case is unique, with individual and specific requirements. That is why we treat you with the respect and consideration necessary to develop personal ground to work on. We want to know the details that will help us realize your intended goal. To us, the client is just as important as the legal issue. Our mission is to provide you with our extensive experience at the best possible rate.

Our mission is to provide you with first rate legal service at the best possible price!