Simple Single Will


Single Power of Attorney or or Personal Directive


Full Package (Will, P of A, Directive)


Joint Wills (2 Wills)


Joint Full package (2 Wills, 2 P of A, 2 Directives)


Real Estate

The amounts show legal fees excluding taxes and out of pocket expenses. The fees are for typical residential properties located in a city/town. Pricing for commercial properties, acreages, agricultural and/or vacant land are set on a case by case basis. Please contact us for a quote.


Purchase and Mortgage (with one title and no additional payouts)


Purchase Alone (cash)


Mortgage Alone (refinance)


Sale and Mortgage Discharge


Mortgage payout and discharge


Transfer Only


Out of Province (Notary Only)




Full Incorporation


Family Law


Simple Uncontested Divorce

(retainer) From $1000.00

Separation Agreement

(retainer) From $2500.00

Independent Legal Advice

From $750.00



Notarization (per document)

$50.00 – $80.00

Completing Simple Form


General Practice of Law


Hourly Rate


*Prices do not include GST or disbursements and are subject to change depending on individual circumstances.
Updated January , 2023